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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the contractor licensed?

Most states require some sort of licensing that shows trade certification. Ask for their license number. You may also want to check with your local building code enforcement agency to make sure the license is in good standing.

Does the contractor carry the proper insurance?

Most often, general liability as well as workman's comp should be carried. Check your state for requirements. Ask to see the contractor's insurance certificates. They should be available on all job sites and you should check to make sure the policy is active. Hiring a contractor without the proper insurance could mean you're liable in the event of an accident on your property.

What about inspections, warranties and estimates?

All details regarding these items should be discussed prior to any work starting. Find out specifics in regards to what an inspection will entail, what the terms of all warranties are, and how much variance is likely between an estimate and final cost.

What about references?

References can provide you great information. Ask your contractor for a list of previous customers that you can contact. Ask these customers about project completion turn-around time, and post-sale services. You can also check references on jobs that are in progress; check these to find information on timeliness, cleanliness and quality and professionalism. A good contractor won't hesitate to provide you this information.

How should I choose a roofing contactor?

Because your home is valuable, it's very important to pick the right roofing contractor to protect it. Talk to your neighbors to see who they used, or ask your friends and family if they recommend anyone. Your roofing contractor should have a proven track record and be able to provide you references to check. He should also be fully licensed and insured.

My roof is green. What is that? And can you fix it?

Your green roof is mostly likely caused by a mixture of moss, algae and mildew, and can easily be treated. Washing your roof carefully with bleach and water can usually sweep away most of the moss, but most likely, you'll need to trim back some vegetation from your roof to keep it from coming back. In some circumstances where no sun is available, or the weather is perpetually damp, metal strips have been shown to curb the growth of these pests. An extreme measure would be to go with a full metal roof if the periodic roof washings become too much of a chore.

It looks like water is leaking under our gutter, and it's sagging a little. What can we do?

Your soffit might need some repair. When gutters get overloaded with leaves and debris, or were just not installed correctly, water will drain toward the roof. The fascia board can usually handle the normal rain fall and protect your soffit from damage, but when it fails because of water-logging, it usually leads to a soggy soffit, and can then lead to damage down the walls of your house. With every new gutter system, we repair and replace your soffits, install new fascia boards, and then correctly install your new gutters and downspouts.

Now that I have a new roof, what maintenance should I do for it?

For the first few years, the only maintenance you'll really need to perform on your new roof system will be to keep the gutters and downspouts free of leaves and debris. While you're doing that, you might just check to make sure that there aren't any trees leaning on the shingles, no bushes are touching the roof or gutters, and the general area is free of debris like sticks or leaves. As the years go on, make sure that your shingles look like they're aging correctly; they may curl a bit, or get slightly wavy at the edges, which is normal. If shingles or flashings are missing, severely damaged, or you can see visible holes – give us a call!